300 games for 2016

By November 17, 2016Uncategorized

So far in 2016 we have had 32 300 games bowled here at Caboolture Bowl and we would like to congratulate the following bowlers for this fantastic achievement:

Lawrie (Animal) Hill

Jeff Gortmans x2

Mick Homes

Anthony (Hammo) Hamilton x3

Bryce Mills

Brad Hales x5

Michael Burbidge x3 with 2 of them being Back to Back, Congratulations Michael this achievement has not been accomplished by many.

Darrin Comrie

Brendan Meads

Blayne Fletcher x2

Brett Sauffs

Shayne Melton x2

Aden Roffey x2

Mick Brunhierl

Bianca Flanagan

Tom Austen

Kyle Annetts

Michael Tomicek

Dale Stewart

Andrew Clark