2016 Junior Championships and Masters

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This years Caboolture Junior & Bumper Championships & Masters was very successful again this year with a number of Juniors and Bumpers coming from different centres to compete, On behalf of Caboolture Bowl and all the staff we would like to thank everyone who participated in this years event and we hope to see you again next year.

Here are all the results from this years event:

Bumper Event:

1st Xavier King 442
2nd Lachlan Cox-Stevenson 441
3rd Jordan Purser 424
4th Lachlan Whittington 409
5th Alex Cox 408
6th Chelsea Purser 395
7th Dewo Williams 395
8th Hunter Williamson 387

Our Masters Winners for this year:

Invitational Open Male: Cooper Atterton
Invitational Open Female: Amy Wallace
Invitational Handicap Male: Jordan Timmermans
Invitational Handicap Female: Laura Dunning
George Gresham Open Male: Ayden Harvey
George Gresham Open Female: Shannon Thomas
George Gresham Handicap Male: Mitchell Carnall
George Gresham Handicap Female: Shannon Thomas

All the results from the Championships:

Youth One Teams:

1st Emily Harvey, Bryce Mills, Liam Harvey 1662
2nd Emily Harvey, Kirraly Hendy, Liam Harvey 1617

Open Grade Male Teams:

1st Jack Colmer, Cooper Atterton, Martin Puncken 1613

‘A’ Grade Male Teams:

1st Cody Hendy, Jesse Fleming, Ayden Harvey 1529
2nd Haidyn Whittington, Jamie Gollagher, Bailey Johnston 1452

‘B’ Grade Male Teams:

1st Jesci McCoy, Robert Favotto, Lachlan O’Donovan 1353
2nd Shane Kilburn, Matthew Purser, Daniel Klessens 1153

‘C’ Grade Male Teams:

1st Anthony Spencer, Sasha Hranka, Jonathon Montgomery 1182
2nd Mitchell Carnall, Levi Sheather, Keeley Doolan 1163

‘D’ Grade Male Teams:

1st Colin Spencer, Auo Cox, Ethan Wynn 821

Open Grade Female Teams:

1st Natasha Dawson, Lily Dawson, Amy Wallace 1410

‘A’ Grade Female Teams:

1st Laura Dunning, Chalee Johnston, Jennifer Gibson 1428
2nd Kiara Whittington, Jasmine Hanson, Caitlin Wood 1321
3rd Shannon Thomas, Tiana Harvey, Mackayla McCoy 1275
4th Courtney O’Connell, Jasmine Brady, Stephanie Brennan 1120

‘B’ Grade Female Teams:

1st Magan Bow, Shannon Leach, Keely Lewis 1175
2nd Chalee Johnston, Katy Melton, Zara Heath 1136

‘C’ Grade Female Teams:

1st Samiia Van Reemst, Emily Gollagher, Mackayla McCoy 961

Open Grade Mixed Teams:

1st Laura Dunning, Caitlin Wood, Bailey Johnston 1476
2nd Jennifer Gibson, Jonathon Montgomery, Cooper Atterton 1473

‘A’ Grade Mixed Teams:

1st Chalee Johnston, Jack Colmer, Jamie Gollagher 1597
2nd Jordan Timmermans, Amy Wallace, Lucy Smith 1325
3rd Amy Wallace, Matthew Wallace, Andrew Williams 1281
4th Luke Kilburn, Star Polina, Matt Fineran 1199

‘D’ Grade Mixed Teams:

1st Hayden Bow, Elliot Bow, Brandon Leach 1080

Youth One Doubles:

1st Liam Harvey, Bryce Mills 1212

Youth Two Doubles:

1st Kirraly Hendy, Emily Harvey 1001

Open Male Doubles:

1st Ayden Harvey, Cody Hendy 1073
2nd Jack Colmer, Jamie Gollagher 1047
3rd Ayden Harvey, Cody Hendy 988
4th Bailey Johnston, Cooper Atterton 891

‘A’ Grade Male Doubles:

1st Keeley Doolan, Ayden Harvey 1071
2nd Jesci McCoy, Lachlan O’Donovan 861
3rd Hayden Whittington, Martin Puncken 835

‘B’ Grade Male Doubles:

1st Shane Kilburn, Matthew Purser 902
2nd Robert Favotto, Jesse Fleming 815
3rd Mitchell Carnall, Robert Favotto 798
4th Sasha Hranka, Jonathan Montgomery 788

‘C’ Grade Male Doubles:

1st Levi Sheather, Mitchell Carnall 822
2nd Daniel Klessens, Luke Kilburn 764

‘D’ Grade Male Doubles:

1st Colin Spencer, Anthony Spencer 665
2nd Auo Cox, Ethan Wynn 521

Open Grade Female Doubles:

1st Amy Wallace, Lily Dawson 1107
2nd Jasmine Mason, Jennifer Gibson 1016
3rd Lucy Smith, Lily Dawson 887
4th Amy Wallace, Lucy Smith 885

‘A’ Grade Female Doubles:

1st Chalee Johnston, Laura Dunning 954
2nd Keely Lewis, Mackayla McCoy 892
3rd Shannon Thomas, Tiana Harvey 876
4th Kiara Whittington, Caitlin Wood 775

‘B’ Grade Female Doubles:

1st Courtney O’Connell, Jasmine Brady 814
2nd Magan Bow, Shannen Leach 703
3rd Stephanie Brennan, Mackayla McCoy 674

‘C’ Grade Female Doubles:

1st Katy Melton, Zara Heath 699
2nd Samiia Van Reemst, Emily Gollagher 617

Open Grade Mixed Doubles:

1st Chalee Johnston, Cooper Atterton 973
2nd Matthew Wallace, Lily Dawson 934
3rd Star Polina, Matt Fineran 892
3rd Natasha Dawson, Matthew Wallace 892

‘A’ Grade Mixed Doubles:

1st Laura Dunning, Bailey Johnston 1016
2nd Jennifer Gibson, Jack Colmer 1003
3rd Amy Wallace, Jordan Timmermans 888
4th Jennifer Gibson, Jack Colmer 843

‘B’ Grade Mixed Doubles:

1st Kiara Whittington, Jamie Gollagher 877
2nd Anthony Spencer, Jasmine Hanson 874

‘C’ Grade Mixed Doubles:

1st Elliot Bow, Brandon Leach 764

Youth One Singles:

1st Bryce Mills 642
2nd Liam Harvey 554
3rd Emily Harvey 482

Youth Two Singles:

1st Kirraly Hendy 546

Open Grade Male Singles:

1st Bailey Johnston 640
2nd Cooper Atterton 598
3rd Martin Puncken 519
4th Matthew Wallace 448
5th Matt Fineran 419
6th Matthew Wallace 391
7th Luke Kilburn 358

‘A’ Grade Male Singles:

1st Ayden Harvey 603
2nd Cody Hendy 551
3rd Jamie Gollagher 534
4th Jesci McCoy 490
5th Jack Colmer 454
6th Jonathan Montgomery 449
7th Shane Kilburn 322

‘B’ Grade Male Singles:

1st Lachlan O’Donovan 480
2nd Keeley Doolan 442
3rd Jesse Fleming 425
4th Matthew Purser 421
5th Mitchell Carnall 394
6th Daniel Klessens 392

‘C’ Grade Male Singles:

1st Brandon Leach 409
2nd Robert Favotto 394
3rd Sasha Hranka 393
4th Haidyn Whittington 355

‘D’ Grade Male Singles:

1st Levi Sheather 393
2nd Anthony Spencer 369
3rd Jordan Timmermans 366
4th Andrew Williams 328
5th Colin Spencer 276
6th Auo Cox 241
7th Ethan Wynn 237

Open Grade Female Singles:

1st Amy Wallace 553
2nd Laura Dunning 528
3rd Lucy Smith 498
4th Amy Wallace 495
5th Lily Dawson 457
6th Caitlin Wood 439

‘A’ Grade Female Singles:

1st Star Polina 477
2nd Chalee Johnston 467
3rd Jasmine Brady 456
4th Keely Lewis 439
5th Shannon Thomas 415
6th Shannon Thomas 408
7th Jennifer Gibson 402
8th Mackayla McCoy 396

‘B’ Grade Female Singles:

1st Courtney O’Connell 393
2nd Tiana Harvey 378
3rd Magan Bow 372
4th Natasha Dawson 370
5th Emily Gollagher 370
6th Natasha Dawson 344

‘C’ Grade Female Singles:

1st Shannen Leach 406
2nd Kiara Whittington 385
3rd Katy Melton 374
4th Elliot Bow 368
5th Stephanie Brennan 365
6th Katy Melton 352
7th Zara Heath 351

‘D’ Grade Female Singles:

1st Samiia Van Reemst 206

Youth One All Events:

1st Bryce Mills 1929
2nd Liam Harvey 1763
3rd Emily Harvey 1453

Youth Two All Events:

1st Kirraly Hendy 1566

Open Grade Male All Events:

1st Cooper Atterton 1749
2nd Bailey Johnston 1684
3rd Martin Puncken 1584
4th Matthew Wallace 1527
5th Matt Fineran 1366

‘A’ Grade Male All Events:

1st Ayden Harvey 1754
2nd Jamie Gollagher 1640
3rd Jack Colmer 1516
4th Cody Hendy 1484
5th Jonathan Montgomery 1469
6th Jesci McCoy 1401
7th Shane Kilburn 1188

‘B’ Grade Male All Events:

1st Jesse Fleming 1369
2nd Lachlan O’Donovan 1352
3rd Keeley Doolan 1328
4th Mitchell Carnall 1263
5th Matthew Purser 1235
6th Daniel Klessens 1206

‘C’ Grade Male All Events:

1st Branden Leach 1260
2nd Robert Favotto 1249
3rd Haidyn Whittington 1116
Sasha Hranka 1036

‘D’ Grade Male All Events:

1st Jordan Timmermans 1165
2nd Levi Sheather 1110
3rd Anthony Spencer 1077
4th Luke Kilburn 959
5th Colin Spencer 818
6th Auo Cox 787
7th Ethan Wynn 755

Open Grade Female All Events:

1st Amy Wallace 1763
2nd Laura Dunning 1533
3rd Caitlin Wood 1419
4th Lily Dawson 1413
5th Lucy Smith 1320

‘A’ Grade Female All Events:

1st Jennifer Gibson 1407
2nd Chalee Johnston 1396
3rd Star Polina 1345
4th Jasmine Brady 1312
5th Shannon Thomas 1307
6th Mackayla McCoy 1297
7th Keely Lewis 1207

‘B’ Grade Female All Events:

1st Tiana Harvey 1197
2nd Magan Bow 1186
3rd Courtney O’Connell 1170
4th Emily Gollagher 1088
5th Natasha Dawson 1003

‘C’ Grade Female All Events:

1st Elliot Bow 1129
2nd Katy Melton 1102
3rd Shannen Leach 1070
4th Kiara Whittington 1046
5th Stephanie Brennan 976
6th Zara Heath 969

‘D’ Grade Female All Events:

1st Samiia Van Reemst 687