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2014 Coca-Cola Doubles

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On the weekend we held the 5th stop for the Wide Bay Tour, The Coca-Cola Doubles and what an Astonishing turn out it was with 69 Entries for this years event. This event has been the one to watch as absolutely any team was able to win the event, It was a very intense event where we had 4 squads of qualifying with teams being able to do more than 1 squad. After qualifying was completed the Top 8 teams based on pinfall were taken into the next round, To make the top 8 teams a 218.83 average was needed. I would like to especially congratulate our local bowlers who progressed into the Top 8. Duane Gilliland & Damien McAndrew (TATGC), Michael Burbidge & Eric Aarsse (Chicken Wings) were 2 local teams that made an impressive effort of tieing in 5th Place with our most successful local team KC Fechner & Brad Hales (Team 7 Board) made it all the way to the Semi Finals before being beaten by eventual Runner-Ups and last year’s Runner-Ups as well Darrin Comrie & Jon King (Your Shout).
But this years Champions for the 2014 Coca-Cola Doubles went to none other than (Team Storm) Brandon Qualischefski & George Frilingos with a 232.75 qualifying average nothing really looked like stopping them for the finals, So I congratulate George & Brando on their win and hope to see them back here again next year to take on next years challengers.
Just a special shout out to last years champions Brian Looby & Jason Scott, I wish Jason a speedy recovery get well soon man and hope to see you back here next year to take on George & Brando, For those who may not of heard Jason had a fall and has fractured his skull and 2 discs on his spine but I’m sure he’ll be back bowling in no time.

2014 Caboolture Bowl Bumper, Junior and Youth Championships

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Caboolture Bowl held our Annual Bumper, Junior and Youth Championships over the Month of August, I would just like to take this time to congratulate everyone that bowled in the Championships for their fantastic efforts, I would also like to acknowledge the ones that shined out from all the rest.
Again I would like to congratulate our 2014 Bumper Masters Winners which we Katy Melton and Robert Fav…otto they bowled their little hearts out.
For our Invitational Masters we had Ayden Lucas win the Open Male, Amy Wallace Open Female, Robert Favotto Handicap Male, Melissa Mason Handicap Female.
The Youth Division we had Aden Roffey as the Open Masters Winner and Courtney Waldron for the Handicap Masters.
Like every year we also held our George Gresham Masters which is restricted to Caboolture Bowl League Bowlers only. The winners for the 2014 George Gresham Masters were Jasmine Brady Handicap Masters Female, Cody Hendy Handicap Masters Male, Alyssa Farnham Open Masters Female and Tom Austen Open Masters Male.
A special mention goes out to Tom Austen as this was the 3rd time in a row that he has won the George Gresham Open Masters, Which is a fantastic achievement being able to come against some quality bowlers and winning 3 in a row.
The last prize but certainly not least went to the Most Outstanding Bowler of the Championship who is selected by Brian Bates, This year this prestigious award went to none other than Robert Favotto, Robert bowled 2 Personal Best’s throughout the event and also was the winner of 2 Masters Events. So congratulations go out to Robert and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

Jolly July Continuily Continuing….

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July turned out to be a very Massive Month here at Caboolture Bowl we had National Tournaments Running, while others were achieving greatness and Personal Bests, here is a run down on what we had in store:

Caboolture Bowl had a huge month with Local Bowler’s in Leagues bowling record breaking games and breaking their records personally this month’s impressive bowler’s are:

Aden Roffey – 300

Shayne Melton – 300

Eric Aarsse – 300

Damien McAndrew – 300

Dylan Lucas – 300

Brad Hales – 299

Duane Gilliland – 299

Aaron Midgley – 290

Greg Hargreaves – 287

Kerry Ewart – 286 (112 over average)

Andrew Christopher – 280

Jono Anderson – 280

Colin Alden – 279 (104 over average)

Nev (Nifty) Castle – 279

Mike Sullivan – 277

Matthew Williamson – 269

Ron Rogers – 267 (104 over average




Jolly July Continues….

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July turned out to be a very Massive Month here at Caboolture Bowl we had National Tournaments Running, while others were achieving greatness and Personal Bests, here is a run down on what we had in store:

2014 Queensland Ladies Classic

This year was the 16th running of this Prestigious Event, Obviously going by the name of this Tournament it is restricted to Female’s only, So that means all the guys get to have a chance to sit back and see how the Women in Australia can bowl and really show what their made of, And I can say after being here all weekend that they didn’t disappoint, with 49 entries in this year’s event there was a very high standard of bowling from all the ladies with most of them travelling here from all over Australia.

All 49 Ladies had to bowl 16 games of qualifying to make that next step of winning the tournament by coming in the top 15 for Qualifying, The average needed to make the Top 15 was a 186, After that the ladies had to bowl another 7 games of Match play to find out who the 2014 Queensland Ladies Classic Winner (Queen) for this year was.

After it was all said and down it was Bec Whiting from Victoria that was the Queen for 2014 she had been bowling very impressively all weekend and didn’t slow down the whole time averaging a clean 206 for the weekend, in 2nd was Emma Walsh with a 199 ave and Kate Pilkington (Defending Queen) coming in 3rd with a 196 average.

I would like to thank all the Ladies that participated in this year’s event, I am confident that this tournament will be running for another 100 years and I’m sure Mary will still be around for all of them.



Jolly July

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July turned out to be a very Massive Month here at Caboolture Bowl we had National Tournaments Running, while others were achieving greatness and Personal Bests, here is a run down on what we had in store:

2014 Caboolture Open

Caboolture Open in 2014 turned out to be the biggest one we’ve ever had! With an outstanding attendance of 115 entries, Caboolture Open is part of the Touring Circuit known as The Wide Bay Tour and to my knowledge Caboolture Open has had the most in attendance this year. As always there were some mind blowing scores being thrown throughout the tournament and in the end the experienced bowlers prevailed with the Top 8 having to average 222 just to make it in.

I would like to thank everyone that bowled in this very competitive event and hope to see the numbers increase even more as the years go on.

I would like to Congratulate the bowlers that did make it into the Top 8 because the calibre of bowling was incredible the top 3 Placing’s for this years Open was Darryl Alford in 3rd averaging 222, Shayne Melton in 2nd averaging 226 and the Winner for the 2014 Caboolture Open went to none other than Jay Palmer Averaging a very impressive  227, May I add the Jay bowled a 267 in the last game to beat Shayne but 1 pin in the end so it was a very close and nail biting contest, again thanks for everyone who competed in this Fantastic Event and hope to see everyone next year.

Also Last but certainly not least I would like to Congratulate Rob Kaluci for bowling the only 300 for the Tournament.



Congrats Brendan!

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Congratulations to Brendan Meads for a very Impressive Series in our Tuesday Night Suncel Doubles, he went 267, 258, 279, 300 for an Out of this World series of 1104 for 4 games, 276 average, Keep up the great work Brendan, I’m just lucky he’s on my Team and I don’t have to vs him!

Great work again Brendan


Major May

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Caboolture Bowl has had a lot of things going on in May, We have had Star of the Month Tournaments, State Championships, Caboolture Locals bowling in State Team Roll Off’s and much much more…

On the 4th of May we had our Star of the Month Tournament reborn after being dormant for a number of years and had a great turn out of bowlers on the day with 29 bowlers competing on who would be the STAR for the month, the scores were very close and there was some nice bowling done on the day with the results as followed:







Great way to Kick off April!

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We’ve had some great bowling from our League Bowlers this week i would like to show some appreciation to a few bowlers from this week:

Zac Dawson in our Twilight League bowled a very nice 279 game on Monday Night which was 106 pins over his average.

Brayden Sipple from Earlybirds bowled a 211 which was 86 pins over his average.

Anna Lane also from the Earlybirds League bowled a 208 which was 68 pins over her average.

A very special mention goes to Audrey Brown from our Rolling Strikers League on a Thursday Morning, Audrey managed to pick up the ‘Big 4’ as it is known. the 4,7,6,10, a very impressive spare and I’m glad I was there to see it.


Great Achievements

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I would just like to take this opportunity to acknowledge some of the Fantastic Bowling we have had in 2014.

Last Friday We had our very own Barry Thompson from our Over 45’s League bowl a very Impressive 244 game which was 107 over his average. Well Done and Great Bowling to Barry.

I would also like to take this time to acknowledge everyone who has bowled a 300 game for this year.

Michael Brunhierl, Daan Wijker, Jim Bakirtzidis, Paul McCammon, Rob Chinner, Daniel Voysey, Jeff Gortmans, Brad Hales and Shayne Melton.

Congratulations to all our 300 Bowlers for this year I’m sure there are still many more to come