This weekend just passed Caboolture Bowl held one of the most Prestigious Tournaments now held in Australia known as The Kegel QLD Open, We had 134 bowlers come from all over Australia to participate in this Event. The standard of bowling that was shown in this event was just unbelievable if you did not get the chance to watch some of this tournament than you really missed out on something awesome.

I would like to Say Thank You to Mary Flower and her lovely Staff for the running of this event, I will always believe that this event is so big because of you lovely people. You never fail to run a smooth and fair tournament for everyone.

I would also like to Say a MASSIVE congratulations to local bowler Brendan Meads on his 2nd win in 3 years at this event, It certainly is not a easy task to win this event and to have done it twice now is nothing short of Amazing especially with one of Australia’s Greatest in George Frilingos just behind trying to get in front.

Here is a copy of the Matchplay results, Which was the last stage of the tournament,