Great way to Kick off April!

By April 4, 2014General News
We’ve had some great bowling from our League Bowlers this week i would like to show some appreciation to a few bowlers from this week:

Zac Dawson in our Twilight League bowled a very nice 279 game on Monday Night which was 106 pins over his average.

Brayden Sipple from Earlybirds bowled a 211 which was 86 pins over his average.

Anna Lane also from the Earlybirds League bowled a 208 which was 68 pins over her average.

A very special mention goes to Audrey Brown from our Rolling Strikers League on a Thursday Morning, Audrey managed to pick up the ‘Big 4’ as it is known. the 4,7,6,10, a very impressive spare and I’m glad I was there to see it.