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Major May

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Caboolture Bowl has had a lot of things going on in May, We have had Star of the Month Tournaments, State Championships, Caboolture Locals bowling in State Team Roll Off’s and much much more…

On the 4th of May we had our Star of the Month Tournament reborn after being dormant for a number of years and had a great turn out of bowlers on the day with 29 bowlers competing on who would be the STAR for the month, the scores were very close and there was some nice bowling done on the day with the results as followed:







Great way to Kick off April!

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We’ve had some great bowling from our League Bowlers this week i would like to show some appreciation to a few bowlers from this week:

Zac Dawson in our Twilight League bowled a very nice 279 game on Monday Night which was 106 pins over his average.

Brayden Sipple from Earlybirds bowled a 211 which was 86 pins over his average.

Anna Lane also from the Earlybirds League bowled a 208 which was 68 pins over her average.

A very special mention goes to Audrey Brown from our Rolling Strikers League on a Thursday Morning, Audrey managed to pick up the ‘Big 4’ as it is known. the 4,7,6,10, a very impressive spare and I’m glad I was there to see it.


Great Achievements

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I would just like to take this opportunity to acknowledge some of the Fantastic Bowling we have had in 2014.

Last Friday We had our very own Barry Thompson from our Over 45’s League bowl a very Impressive 244 game which was 107 over his average. Well Done and Great Bowling to Barry.

I would also like to take this time to acknowledge everyone who has bowled a 300 game for this year.

Michael Brunhierl, Daan Wijker, Jim Bakirtzidis, Paul McCammon, Rob Chinner, Daniel Voysey, Jeff Gortmans, Brad Hales and Shayne Melton.

Congratulations to all our 300 Bowlers for this year I’m sure there are still many more to come


Kegel QLD Open

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This weekend just passed Caboolture Bowl held one of the most Prestigious Tournaments now held in Australia known as The Kegel QLD Open, We had 134 bowlers come from all over Australia to participate in this Event. The standard of bowling that was shown in this event was just unbelievable if you did not get the chance to watch some of this tournament than you really missed out on something awesome.

I would like to Say Thank You to Mary Flower and her lovely Staff for the running of this event, I will always believe that this event is so big because of you lovely people. You never fail to run a smooth and fair tournament for everyone.

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Starting of the Blog

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I am pleased to announce that here at Caboolture Bowl we have now started up our very own Blog for the website, The blog will basically be used to inform everyone of interesting and different occurrences that happen at the Bowl each week, I (Dylan Lucas) will put several things up during the week, like how everyone is going in league and upcoming tournaments, etc.

So please make sure to check in with the website each week because you never know you could be the one that is mentioned.