2017 Hammer Seniors Classic

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This year’s Hammer Senior Classic is over and done with for another year and what an exciting event it was. Congratulations to this years winners in what was a valiant effort from both winners in the Men’s division after the last game of the tournament it was 3 pins that separated 1st, 2nd and 3rd with Craig Pearsall coming away with the victory, Shaun Cummings came 2nd only 2 pins behind and also bowling a 300 in Game 3 of Matchplay, Terry Wenban came 3rd only 1 pin behind Shaun and 3 pins behind Craig so indeed it was a very close contest for the men this year.

On the women’s side it wasn’t as close as the men but was still a good showing by all the women, Tracey Crisp came away with the victory this year with a very convincing display with herself and Julie Harrison the only 2 females to average over 200 for the event, with Jenny Burton-Douglas coming in 3rd.

Thank You to everyone that participated and supports this event its always a great tournament to watch our elite senior bowlers from all over the country show the young ones how it is done, Hope to see you all back here next year.

For all results just visit Tenpin Results or you can follow this link: https://www.tenpinresults.com.au/Sprint/Index/38612813-1811-45fd-98db-085d783f7748

2017 Young Adults South East Queensland Shield

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Here are the final results for this years Young Adults SEQ and what an exciting tournament it was with 10 Teams all vying for the Title!, It ended up being a tight contest between the scratch teams and handicap teams but for the 2nd Year in a Row it was Gold Coast who came out victorious in the overall standings with Caboolture Snakes coming first in the Scratch and Gold Coast South winning the Handicap division. Thank you for all the support this event gets every year, Thank you to all the bowlers, coaches and managers this event wouldn’t be what it is with you guys. Already looking forward to next years event!

The results for this years event can be found below:

2017 SEQ Spreadsheet

2017 Queensland World Cup of Champions

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The 2017 World Cup of Champions was yet again another very successful event, This event just keeps getting better and better with the competitors. It’s always a great event because there is no tournament around like it with its very unique format.

Congratulations goes to Sir Darryl Alford on a much deserved Victory for this year.

We hope to see everyone again for next years event and make it even more exciting.


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2016 Coca-Cola Doubles

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The 2016 Coca-Cola Doubles saw a time of change this year with George and Brando coming into this event after winning the last 2 previous years and vying for their 3rd year in a row. But after it was all said and done it just wasn’t to be and we came out with new victors for this years event so congratulations go to Shaun Dunn and Bianca Flanagan for winning this years event. I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed this years event and we hope to see you all here again next year.

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2016 Junior Championships and Masters

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This years Caboolture Junior & Bumper Championships & Masters was very successful again this year with a number of Juniors and Bumpers coming from different centres to compete, On behalf of Caboolture Bowl and all the staff we would like to thank everyone who participated in this years event and we hope to see you again next year.

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300 games for 2016

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So far in 2016 we have had 32 300 games bowled here at Caboolture Bowl and we would like to congratulate the following bowlers for this fantastic achievement:

Lawrie (Animal) Hill

Jeff Gortmans x2

Mick Homes

Anthony (Hammo) Hamilton x3

Bryce Mills

Brad Hales x5

Michael Burbidge x3 with 2 of them being Back to Back, Congratulations Michael this achievement has not been accomplished by many.

Darrin Comrie

Brendan Meads

Blayne Fletcher x2

Brett Sauffs

Shayne Melton x2

Aden Roffey x2

Mick Brunhierl

Bianca Flanagan

Tom Austen

Kyle Annetts

Michael Tomicek

Dale Stewart

Andrew Clark

2016 Caboolture Open

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The results for this years Caboolture Open, Congratulations to Jon King Our Caboolture Open Champion for 2016!

This event is part of the Wide Bay Tour which in my opinion is the best set of touring tournaments in the country and the Caboolture Open is one that has been around from the beginning and has a sense of prestige to it, so winning this tournament can be a very special accomplishment.

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2016 Kegel QLD Open Results

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Here are the results to what was once again a fantastic turn out for the Kegel QLD Open which I believe to be one of the best tournaments in the country, This tournament would have to be one of the hardest if not the hardest tournament to win because of the calibre of bowlers that turn up every year which always makes for a very exciting event:

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